Sheila Tulok Content Marketing Writing
Picture of Sheila Tulok.
Sheila Tulok Content Marketer

Sheila Tulok is a content marketer who helps businesses reach a broader audience. She writes content marketing type blogs, product descriptions, social media posts and category descriptions. Consequently, Sheila has written for fashion start-ups, healthcare providers, maintenance services, and big brand businesses since 2015.

Content Marketing Copy with Power

You’re excited about your products and/or services. I’d love to channel that excitement into content marketing copy for you. I provide you with professional writing with fast turnaround times. Choose from:

  • Informative Blogs: teach your customers about the benefits of your product and topics related to your business.
  • White Papers: act as mid-funnel advertising content that demonstrates your authority and describes your brand
  • Ebooks: educate your audience about your industry and what you have to offer. Ebooks are useful as free giveaways on your website that draw more customers to your business.
  • Infographics: makes learning about your products and services visually attractive. Infographics have a high shareability rate.
  • Newsletters: keeps your customers and organization informed about new events and plans.
  • FAQs: answer customer concerns and questions and create trust and demonstrate excellent customer service
  • Guest Blogging: creates opportunities to network with others and get your message out to a broader audience
  • Social Media Posts: reach your customers by social media using contests, new products, and promote brand awareness

I work with you to create the content marketing needed to make sales and get new customers.

The Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketer

Hiring a content marketer is your opportunity to create marketing copy with your brand’s voice in mind. You specify the word length, topics, keywords, and type of writing you need. Questions? Click here to contact Sheila Tulok.

I’ll research your topic and provide internal and external links to reputable sources of information. Creating links within your website is helpful for customers to navigate your services and products easily.

Reach out for a no-obligation quote, or schedule a consultation time to discuss your project. Propose your price for your project and let me know all the details. If you require a revision, don’t worry! You get two free revision requests with every content marketing piece.

Continuous Learning and Serious Commitment to Social Issues

Before becoming a freelance copywriter, Sheila studied community service work, journalism and police sciences. Even more, Sheila’s knowledge in the CSW profession helps readers learn more about social issues. Sheila’s commitment to community social work comes from a passion for helping others.

Sheila enjoys the research involved in writing for clients and learning about their needs. Every article passes Copyscape, and Sheila believes in having integrity in her writings, so as not to infringe on other people’s rights. Transparency in content marketing is crucial, so Sheila writes ethically and committedly creating content marketing copy that’s trustworthy.

In her spare time, Sheila enjoys nature photography, spending time with animals, and studying new ideas and philosophies. To summarize, Sheila studies a broad range of topics that are newsworthy, popular, and increasing concern for people in need. Therefore, Sheila’s talents and interests help writing popular marketing content.