Welcome to my blog. I’m studying The Strategy of Content Marketing from UC Davis Extension. The teachers are renowned for their contributions to the content marketing world, and it’s a pleasure to learn from them.

Here is excellent reading for copywriters from Copyblogger and UC Davis Extension.

I’ll be uploading assignments at Https://sheilatulok.website, where my peers will review the work. I’ve been a copywriter since 2015, and it’s work in a field that’s growing and providing many new opportunities for writers to learn and grow as a professional.

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As a kid, I’ve found the advertising world exciting and a great career option for expressing creativity. My favourite kind of advertising informs and shows how a company cares for people.

I started by writing product descriptions for a big brand electronics company. Though seemingly simple, there are lots of techniques to learn as a professional copywriter. The dedication of editors who took the time to teach me politely how to write a proper product description proved valuable as my skills grew from writing simple 50-word ads to writing articles over 1500 words.

The writing process keeps my interest because the process involves not only writing but research as well. Learning about a wide range of topics keeps me on my toes while also putting content marketing techniques into practice.

Sheila Tulok

Sheila Tulok is a freelance copywriter who helps businesses reach a larger audience by writing blogs, product descriptions, social media posts and category descriptions. She has written for fashion start-ups, healthcare providers, maintenance services, and big brand businesses since 2015.

Before becoming a freelance copywriter, Sheila studied community service work. Sheila’s knowledge in the CSW profession helps readers be better informed about social issues. Sheila’s commitment to community social work comes from a passion for helping others.

Sheila enjoys the research involved in writing for clients and learning about their needs. In her spare time, Sheila enjoys nature photography, spending time with animals, and studying new ideas and philosophies.

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